Jackson Winners Dog at the 2013 USASA Nationals!
Sire: BIS BCG. Briarbrooks Copyright - Dam: CH. Fiann's Windchime ROMII
RIP Jackson - July 4th. 2009 - early 2019
from BLOAT while in Uwharries care

Contrary to the "story" on Jackson's co-owners page at http://uwharrieaussies.com/jackson , Shirley Shaver/Uwharrie Aussies contacted Heather Moyer/Sunnyrain Aussies about a puppy in the China x Copyright litter. After a lot of consideration and conversations between Heather and myself, we agreed to offer (FREE) to Shirley, our choice male puppy in the litter on a 3 way co-ownership. Our main reasons for doing this were: we don't often keep males, we were already keeping 2 other puppies in the litter and we had a long term mentoring/friendship with Shirley. Heather talked extensively with Shirley about this and the co-ownership in witch Shirley agreed to. Heather then made arrangements for her daughter to deliver the puppy to Shirley.
Shirley claims, I owed her a replacement for a female puppy purchased solely bred by myself, because it "just didn't turn out". To be clear; there was NO hereditary issues or reason to replace the puppy. The ONLY reason being, she didn't like the puppy and thought it didn't turn out. Jackson, was CO-BRED with, whelped and raised at Heather Moyer/Sunnyrain. Heather never agreed to give up complete ownership of the pick male puppy as a "replacement" she had NOTHING to do with out of a litter by our HOF Dam and out of HOF/BIS Sire.

Co-Owned with; Heather Moyer / Sunnyrain Aussies
and Shirely Shaver
Jackson on the move at the USASA Nationals!
1st. Place Open Black 2013 USASA Nationals
New Arrivals Two
Then to Now
Patti Herhold
Fairview PA.
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